Friday, July 01, 2005

An Introduction to "Going Dumb"

Federation - Hyphy Remix (feat. Keak Da Sneak, E-40, San Quinn and Turf Talk)

So i'm kicking off this blog with the song that started the whole hyphie "scene". In an MTV news article, they describe hyphie music as the bay area's own genre ("California Krunk"), which isnt really true. It really is more of a scene than a genre, and even that is pushing it. The gangsta scene in the bay area is huge, and has its own distinct elements, the whole hyphie thing is basically the underground gangsta rap's attempt at wooing a more mainstream, nationwide audience. See, the bay area has had this stigma of being impotent when it comes to nationwide recognization of our rap artists. We had it big back in the day, but everyone know the bay doesnt get love outside of the bay anymore. The south, following in our footsteps of slangin' tapes and fostering a vibrant underground rap scene is the current favorite child of the mainstream.

But, for the past couple years, people in the bay have established an effort at reclaiming mainstream recognition. Ric Roc really brought the limelight back to the bay after fucking with tons of major artists, and now hes producing a whole slew of bay artists. When this song hit the radio in summer 2003, it blew the fucking spot up. This song is what got those kids hanging out of their cairs, driving down the streets with the doors wide open.

And yes, i'll be restructuring and working on the design of this blog, for now its just a template. deal.


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