Sunday, November 20, 2005


You read that right. I re-upped EVERY SINGLE TRACK I HAVE EVER POSTED. I put them all on rapidshare, so they'll never expire. Use the links in the Previous Posts and Archives sections (on the lower right side of this page) to browse through all of Get Stoopid and download any tracks you missed! If you're new to bay area rap then welcome and enjoy, this is the hyphy movement. Heres todays slumps:

Furious (feat. The Team) - Go
Off Furious' album 'Breaking Point'. Furious' flow is pretty average, but he got Team for the chorus and they help out a lot, lending their whispery vocals. The beat itself is suprisingly dope: soaring saw synths, orientalist vocal sample, harsh new york style clap. Not a bad little blap.

Western Conference (feat. Federation) - Everything
Rick Rock SLAPPER. This is some MAINY shit. Bassy, assembly line kicks n toms off the same tip as the Da Dummy beat. The synths are just insane, underwater frequencies bubblin up nonstop, with myriad synthy 8-bit videogame progressions sliding out of the mix. Goldie Gold rips apart the chorus. You might recognize Western Conference from their song, "P World". They're not the best lyricists, but they got some catchy shit. Shit is so videogamey I love it. Certified hyphy slapper.

More shit coming soon.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

NEW E-40 / NEW San Quinn / FREE Bailey Mixtape

The Bay is back! And so am I. My PC got zapped last week, had to switch up hdd's and reinstall XP. Seriously, my kitten made that shit happen, so fuck you Buddah. I haven't really had a chance to check for new ish, but i've got these two hits sowed up for you:

E-40 feat. Keak Da Sneak - Tell Me When to Go
Produced by Lil Jon. Word is, this is the first single off 40-Water's BME debut. Word is, this will be on BET/MTV. This shit slump like no other. This mp3 is a bit bass heavy so watch out if you have a sub cause shit gon' knock. E-40 spits fire, going dumb on some biblical hyphy shit, then bringing it back in time to give Keak a launchpad for his usual abstract and gutteral flow. The song closes with a chanting lesson in yay area slanguage. Word.

San Quin - Hell Yeah
Produced by EA-Ski. This is the first single off Quinn's upcoming album, The Rock. Ski production excretes minimal elegance, fuck yo' closed hi-hats. Quinn doesn't flex his best lyrically, instead keeping it simple off that commercial tip. Allen Anthony provides a nice little Pharrel-influenced soul here and there. This track is very commercial sounding, but it's nice.

Also, be sure to hit up KMEL DJ Big Von's site to get a FREE brand new mixtape from Bailey and J. Valentine - Hide Ya Bitch. Its got that 'Stay Fly' bay remix on there as well as the certifiable hit, 'Go Dumb'. And check out Lo Rez Pollution for a video of Bailey performing live!

Stay tuned and stay laced.

Friday, November 04, 2005

NEW Team / Bay Area Remixes

The Team - Just Go
A Traxamillion slump, off the upcoming album, 'World Premiere'. Props to Kaijin for the high quality rip. I really like this beat, heavy reverb and delay make the synths soar out into space. The drums are typical Trax, its really the synths that set this shit off. The Team come strong, if not a bit uneventful, but do shine nicely on the cleanly produced chorus.

The Team (feat. Killa Klump) - Ex
Okay, this song was recently leaked, but I'm not sure when it's from, considering Killa Klump is on Rah Records and Moe Doe ain't really fucking with them. My guess is that it's a Dopegame 3 outtake. The song is all about thizz/ecstacy. The beat is kinda strange, with this tweaked out vocal sample consistent throughout. Klump's voice is pretty cool, but he needs to work on the lyrics. Not The Team's best effort either.

The Team (feat. Keak Da Sneak) - Stunna Mayne
This is off the upcoming Bay Area Block Stars Soundtrack. The beat is pretty chill, but i'm not feeling the guitar on the chorus at all, however, I do like it during the verses when it comes in and out-- it works well with The Team's laid back flow. Keak's crazy style juxtaposes nicely with The Team, although his voice is a bit overpowering here and he ends up stealing the show.

Mistah F.A.B. & Scweez - Stupid, Dumb, Hyphy
A lot of people have been requesting this one. It's the Bay Area Remix of Dem Franchize Boys - Oh I Think Dey Like Me. Scweez was in the group 3WayFunk, and is now doing his solo thing, this track will be on his upcoming album/mixtape. Its been getting some radio play. Hu-hu-hu-hu-hu-HYPHY, fun stuff.

Goldie Gold - Oh They Think They Hyphy
Here's Goldie Gold's take on that Dem Franchize Boys track. I actually like this one better than the Scweez & FAB one, Goldie is just a beast. If you listen to them back-to-back, it'll be obvious who comes more hyphy... Goldie's voice is the epitome of hyphyness. He comes really fucking strong lyrically here and just shows a mastery of the track. I'm assuming this will be on an upcoming mixtape.

Keeping with the theme of Bay Area remixes, here is a re-up of that sing-a-long masterpiece, J. Valentine feat. Bailey - Go Dumb.

Also, check out Hyphy VS Thizzin': A Yay Area Slang Update and Tutorial from the East Bay Express. "Hyphy is a worldview." Classic.

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