Friday, December 23, 2005


Yea, fuck you. I've been busy as fuck. But here I am with a gang of new slappers for you and yours. I have so much fucking shit stored up i'm going to be updating frequently for the next few weeks, so check back often.

The Team - Oakland

Team spit over an old Alchemist beat from DJ Whoo Kid's new mixtape, LA: American Wasteland! Shits hot though. Tougher than the usual whispered vocals, Team represent hard for the Town, choppin it up about everything from the Mack to gold grills & cannibus clubs... Town shit, town bidness. You know the deal. Track is short but dope. Pretty crazy to see this on a mixtape from a NYC DJ down with G-Unit, it's good to see Team making some power moves.

The Team - Grow Up
From the Team - Go Music mixtape which came out a few days ago. I'll have a full review of the mixtape posted up here soon. For now, check out this HEATED blap. Seriously, textbook definition of a blap right here. Shit is mean-- pulsing square bass, gutteral sub bass, harsh ass drums. Team ride the beat, spittin hard as fuck.

Hoodstarz feat. Mistah F.A.B., Clyde Carson, San Quinn & Turf Talk - Grown Man On (Remix)
The one everyones been waiting on. Its a radio rip but what the fuck you gonna do when thats the only place you're gonna hear it? Grown Man On was a fucking anthem, and this remix just takes it to the next level of hyphyness. It keeps the same beat as the original, but hearing all these sick rappers spit over it makes me want to stop writing this bullshit description, throw on some stunnas, and jump kick the computer monitor. Better hide ya bitch. Hyphy Holidays!

Da Muzicianz feat. Federation - Go Dumb (Remix)
Oh what? Rick Rock produces the remix for one of the most hated on songs of 2005. If you don't know by now, Da Muzicians, affiliated with Yin Yang Twins, made a song called 'Go Dumb' which jacked Bay slang. After speaking with our ambassador, E-40, Da Muzicians management killed the original song. Federation spit alright, Rick Rock's beat is pretty fucking mainey, I'm still getting used to it-- shit sounds really different than anything else out there. And it's still weird to hear Da Muzicians spit on this, but I guess if hyphy gets more popular we'll just have to get used to other regions appropriating shit.

Caray Rose (feat. Mistah F.A.B.) - Hey

Produced by Traxamillion. The original was on Dopegame 3 with Frank Sticks rapping. I don't know if this was ever released, but its nearly the exact same song except with a Mistah F.A.B. verse. Personally, I think Fabby sounds better over this than Frank Sticks, his style just fits better with the smoothness of the track.

Yea, because I have so many godamned tracks, I'm breaking them up into multiple updates. So check back tomorrow for a couple exclusives featuring Goldie Gold and more new tracks from Team, Ya Boy, Droop-E, B-Legit, and Lee Majors. Back!

Friday, December 02, 2005

EXCLUSIVE New Balance / New Clyde Carson / AND MORE

Balance - Gotta Get It
Exclusive, pimp! Produced by EA-Ski. This shit SLAP like no other. Balance spits cool, as usual, over a clean ass beat. Ski's production is on point, kinda poppy kinda funky, but with a catchy ass hook, "dun-dun-dundun-dun-dun." I'm feelin the little female vocal sample in place of a brass stab. Techno tom-tom synths occasionally pop out of the background. I like how EA-Ski layers his tracks; i've said it before and i'll say it again: Ski's production is simply elegant.

Ya Boy (feat. Jin) - 16's Wit Us (Remix)
Many of you might remember the original, which was a 2004 summer slumper. Updated for 2005, it's some cool little lyrical/punchline/battle rap shit over a hard ass beat that samples that Darth Vader song from Star Wars. Jin isn't my favorite rapper, but he and Ya Boy fit together well on this. Interestingly, the beat keeps going for a while after they finish rapping, so this is likely not the finished product. I'm assuming another Ya Boy verse will get added, and maybe have San Quinn spit on this too? Hopefully.

Clyde Carson - 32 Bars of Clarity
Another dope track from Clyde. Spittin some real shit, he calls out Shonuff and Balance, setting the record straight on why The Team doesn't fuck with Shonuff anymore. This fool also says, "ask the internet geeks why they crave for The Team? They respect what I bring." Hahaha Clyde Carson just called YOU out. Really though, dude is a dope lyricist and he proves it on this track. I'm not sure who produced this, but the beat has a definite RZA influence-- check the somber drums and wandering piano line.

Mistah F.A.B. - Metros and Chirpers
CD Quality, ya heard?

If you're in the Bay, you gotta come out to this shit, Boondocks @ 2246 Jerrold Ave in San Francisco, on Sat, Dec. 10th... It's finna be craaackin. HOODSTARZ are gonna be in the building, shit is gonna get hyphy as fuck. It's the one year anniversary of Made In The Bay, a yay area clothing company run by one of my patnas. Imma try to make my way up to The City for this, so if you're gonna come out, holla at me and maybe we can link up. Get your discounted $10 pre-sale tickets by emailing Get directions to the club here.

One more thing: check out this DOPE interview with Traxxamillion over at the Lyrical Swords blog. Traxx speaks on what he uses to make beats, the hyphy scene, and dirty south "biters".

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