Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The current Jam

Keak Da Sneak - Super Hyphie

This ones been blowing up the bay for a couple months now, its definitely the current summer jam, ive read on forums that even las vegas has been showing this single some love. good to see a single from someone other than E-40 finally make it outside of northern california.

more thoughts about the whole hyphie scene, it seems to be a consolidation of the whole "New Bay" thing, Mac Dre's (RIP) nation of thizzlam, and accepted and completed by bay area veterans. Frontline came out of richmond repping this New Bay thing, supposedly making a new sound to try to get the bay out of a slump, they got a certified hit, "What is it" (thanks to E-A-Ski), but on the street the New Bay thing was just all-talk, it sounded like traditional bay slumpin mixed with roc-a-fella's Young Gunz. Fast forward a little bit, Mac Dre got murdered, everyones showing him and thizz entertainment love/respect, everybody's copying mac dre's steez, reppin the thizz face and whatnot. All of this came together at a time when Ric-Roc's beats were getting maximum exposure on kmel and 94.9, to create the hyphie scene as we know it. Its great to see the bay make shit happen, but i cant help but wonder whats going to happen with the real gangsta rappers like yukmouth, c-bo, etc. last year they were finally able to legitimately release the Thug Lordz album (it had been held up for a year due to contractual lawyer legal shit), but none of the album got any kind of play on local stations. well im going to show the real gangsta shit some love, check out this track from Thug Lordz, its a C-Bo solo and boy he lays it down real grimey over a harsh trunk-funk slumper.

Thug Lordz (C-Bo solo) - My Life


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