Monday, August 29, 2005

NEW Keak / NEW Team / NEW E-40

Keak Da Sneak - Super Hyphie (remix)
no, not the thizz remix, this is brand new off of keak's upcoming album "thats my word" which should be dropping in a few weeks. basically, same lyrics as the original super hyphie but with a fresh new beat which bares more resemblance to mac dre - feelin myself than to the original super hyphie. actually, it also sounds very similar to this next song:

Keak Da Sneak - Hyphie
imagine an orientalist reconstruction of mac dre - feelin myself. synths and indian flutes playing eastern sounding scales aka 'jus the black keys, mang'. this ones not really getting me hyphy, but its so new its still got time.

Keak Da Sneak - Touch on Me
another track off the upcoming album. i accidentally originally labeled this track as "Oh Girl", but thats a different song. this one is very commercial sounding, tremendous synths, sonar pings (a motherfucking sample! its been a while), sub bass, etc... sho nuff produced this one very nicely, hot female vocals on the chorus makes this sound like it should be blappin in the clubs. can anyone ID the other rapper on this track tho?

E-40 feat. Keak Da Sneak and Turf Talk - Flamboastin (Adams Family Beat)
i cant say i really dig this track, and the chorus really bothers me. so basically, droop-E takes the adams family theme and builds some studdering drums around it. cant really call it a slapper, the handclaps sound more like a whip cracking in a vacum. only here/hear cause its new. moving on...

The Team - Tonight
off the upcoming album. holy heated shit, the team rip it over a very NEW YORK sounding beat. you know the kind-- uptempo but with melancholy strings and piano. not much else to say but if you only download one song from this post get this.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Go Ignant!

The Mossie (feat. E-40 and The Federation) - Go Ignant
the mossie are one of sic wid it's best kept secrets, and although their lyrics arent that fresh in this track, droop-E's production makes up for it-- this track is very slap, very hyphy with an infectious chorus and danceable groove. droopy's 'sound' is becoming more defined-- a barrage of shuffled kicks keep it steady for the whistles, vocal samples, and synth brass to fade in and out. e-40 comes clean tho-- "heart racin / i'm off a marijuana brownie / sloppy drunk / smashin through solano county / ambassador now / just think they usta try to clown me"

EA-Ski (feat. Keak Da Sneak and E-40) - Club Talk

wow, this one surprised me. the beat is very very nice, its bouncey trunk funk as updated for 2005 with a higher bpm and techno whistles. e-a ski brings the heat with his lyrics, outshining keak (who still comes cool, but wow, ski did it proper on this track). 40 water is off in a league of his own tho, as he just comes fucking postmodern with it, spitting his most indecipherable lyrics in a looong time (its about time).

Mistah F.A.B. - We Go Stupid in the Bay
another freestyle, this time off the tonite show mixtape. FAB spits a nice little cipher over, get this-- DEBBIE DEB - LOOKOUT WEEKEND(!!). it works, its fun, and its cute.

also, go over to KMEL dj Big Von's website to download this free Bailey mixtape/sampler. its got 'fuck yo couch' + a bunch of other dope tracks. and finally, to those who requested re-ups, stay tuned- i got you.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Bottles Up

The Team - Bottles Up
hot shit right here. the team spit that oakland pimp talk over a thick synthy commercial beat. i think the album is coming out in september or october, its been pushed back hella times already, but i think its probably for the best, to ready the team for a nationwide marketing blitz (hopefully).

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Thizz or DIE

thizz is ecstasy

Keak Da Sneak (feat. Baby Face Assassins) - Everybody Know My Name
brand new, getting played occasionally on kmel. the beat is tuffff, blappin synths, dubby handclap, more synths- whats not to love (well, okay baby face assassins verses). keak comes clean tho, per the usual.

Super Hyphy Thizz Remix (feat. Johnny Ca$h, Mistah F.A.B., G-Stack, PSD, Dubee, Rydah J. Klyde, and Bavgate)
this ones been getting played for a while now, its keak's super hyphie as taken over by thizz entertainment. mistah f.a.b. has the dumbest intro to a verse ever, i mean super dooper 1st grade snotnose dunce cap dumb, thats my word. keak's got a new verse on this as well. the tracks not that special, but its pretty much required listening if you live in the bay.

Ya Boy - Turf to the Club
i do believe this is the first single off ya boy's upcoming album "rookie of the year", dropping sometime in late august. ya boy is currently the only other artist other than quinn himself on quinn's label Deal Done (formerly Done Deal). catchy ass beat and hook, ya boy's got a cool voice.

central coastin it the next couple days, love being a city boy in the salad bowl, get hella stares, back.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

go dumb -- we dont smoke grapes we smoke plums

sorry for the progression of time in between posts, you know how shit goes. whats new? dubee aka sugawolf pimp got shot recently but he released himself from the hospital over the weekend. im headed for pismo beach at the end of the week, so i'll try to sneak in one more update.

Kinsmoke - On One (instrumental)

i posted the original a while ago (even DJ /rupture was feelin it), heres the energy- pure. northern california hyphy. shake dem dreads!

Federation - Only Wear My White Tee Once

another brand new federation track. really shitty quality, sorry for that. the beat is really weird, its all anchored with this high pitch grimey sample. the song is an ode to extreme consumerism- buy a shirt, wear it once, throw it away. live life like there aint no tomorrow. etc. kinda leaves me with the same feeling after hearing the whisper song for the first time. ahh, mericana.

Mistah F.A.B - freestyle over the hyphy beat

this is from some promo cd that he sends out. f.a.b.'s got a couple fresh lines, but this track is mostly just an attempt at reconcilliation with rick rock after the whole hyphy incident (f.a.b. had the hyphy song 3 years ago, but rick gave this beat to the federation and had them do the hyphy song instead)

Zion-I (feat. Clyde Carson, San Quinn, Turf Talk and Casual) - The Bay {remix)

this ones a heater, getting limited radioplay. slumpin drums and synths with a little strings here and there. love turf talk's voice on this, and its fun to see casual on here too. in fact, cas' upcoming album has too short and e-40 on it. go dl the album sampler mp3 (props to dame for the link)

Bailey - Fuck Yo Couch

this ones a motherfucking slumper. simple ass mobb music, could use a bit more melody, but the lyrics/feeling are really fresh. bailey (san quinn's brother) takes the chappelle show skit to another level, rappin on that mean, temper tantrum shit that makes you feel good when you all pissy. fun stuff, enjoy.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

thats whatsup

bout to bart it up to the coliseum, but before i leave, imma flip you these tracks:

Federation - Say Yeah

official leak courtesy of rick rock, catchy danceable little ditty with some nice studder synths over what sounds more like a traditional slap drum set than the ethnic drum hits he usually throws in. thanks to wayne&wax for that deconstruction of reggaeton because now i'm more aware of timbral changes in songs. case in point- if you listen closely you can hear different snares/claps used during the progression of this track.

Frank Sticks - Shake Your Face Up

this ones on the flipside of the super hyphie 12". dopegame member frank sticks raps fairly hard over a fairly hard track (to be honest, i can't wait til these mini new york handclaps go out of style). the synths are hard as fuck, but this track tries a little too hard to be hyphy, with that techno whistle again making an appearance (in a circular rhythm, which by the end of the track gets annoying as fuck). anyway, this track is getting played on some radio stations so i figured i'd flip it, even tho i feel its a bit too average.

oh shit i almost forgot...

E-A Ski feat. Too Short - The Resume

This is off of E-A-Ski's upcoming album Apply Pressure, finally a ski album! don't really have time to comment, its the usual slick ski production, not hyphy, just had to get it out cause im the king friday of this shit.

Monday, August 08, 2005

brand new mc hammer

yea i know i just posted the other day, violating one of the unspoken rules of mp3 bloggery, but what the fuck ever, get this shit man:

The Team - Its Getting Hot (Remix) [feat. Too $hort, Keak, Richie Rich, and HAMMER]

no fucking joke, yes that hammer, is on this remix. if you havent heard the song its fucking hot, been blowin up for a while now. rumours have it the team are about to get signed to a major label. comes as no surprise to me, they blew the FUCK up in the bay, and they sound commercial as fuck. expect to hear the original version on nationwide blast within the next few months. can i get a yee?

stay tuned the next few days cause im holding out on you bitches... an unreleased federation track officially leaked by the man himself, ricky rock (no, not that rick rock).

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Kinsmoke / Dopegame

Kinsmoke (feat. Federation & Rick Rock) - On One

brand new hyphie shit. kinsmoke is a new group that rick rock is putting out, goldie gold from the federation is in there too. this shit slaps hard- "Do the on one, Shake them dreads!" rick rock actually raps on this track yet still manages to keep it tight. rick excels at producing groups, throwing little surprises into the beat that play along with people's voices. my favorite track since da dummy, this is gangsta rave music.

Dope Game feat. Mac Dre - Out My Body

here it is, from dope game 2 album that just dropped. dope game is a bay area supergroup consisting of members Frank Stickemz, Keak Da Sneak, B.A., and Versatyle. BA dropped a solo album the same day as dopegame2. BA's shit is alright, its on a chilled out gangsta tip. but this track right here is hard, first of all you got mac dre (RIP), you got a pulsing lead synth sounding like classic techno over chugging hi hats and a surprisingly short handclap. according to this, dope game 3 should be out soon too.

name recognize name, thanks to all the sites out there thats linking me.

Monday, August 01, 2005

too short feat keak leak

Too $hort feat. Keak Da Sneak - Going Dumb

this ones off a DJ Old.E and Mr Roper turntable tycoonz mixtape, knock it while its hot. i also found out that that zhane feat. keak was leaked off this upcoming comp, and its not even the title track (which you can check out at the site, a new yuk joint actually). got some new stuff from the team, and maybe i'll even lace you guys with a 'dope game 2' track (comes out today).