Tuesday, August 16, 2005

go dumb -- we dont smoke grapes we smoke plums

sorry for the progression of time in between posts, you know how shit goes. whats new? dubee aka sugawolf pimp got shot recently but he released himself from the hospital over the weekend. im headed for pismo beach at the end of the week, so i'll try to sneak in one more update.

Kinsmoke - On One (instrumental)

i posted the original a while ago (even DJ /rupture was feelin it), heres the energy- pure. northern california hyphy. shake dem dreads!

Federation - Only Wear My White Tee Once

another brand new federation track. really shitty quality, sorry for that. the beat is really weird, its all anchored with this high pitch grimey sample. the song is an ode to extreme consumerism- buy a shirt, wear it once, throw it away. live life like there aint no tomorrow. etc. kinda leaves me with the same feeling after hearing the whisper song for the first time. ahh, mericana.

Mistah F.A.B - freestyle over the hyphy beat

this is from some promo cd that he sends out. f.a.b.'s got a couple fresh lines, but this track is mostly just an attempt at reconcilliation with rick rock after the whole hyphy incident (f.a.b. had the hyphy song 3 years ago, but rick gave this beat to the federation and had them do the hyphy song instead)

Zion-I (feat. Clyde Carson, San Quinn, Turf Talk and Casual) - The Bay {remix)

this ones a heater, getting limited radioplay. slumpin drums and synths with a little strings here and there. love turf talk's voice on this, and its fun to see casual on here too. in fact, cas' upcoming album has too short and e-40 on it. go dl the album sampler mp3 (props to dame for the link)

Bailey - Fuck Yo Couch

this ones a motherfucking slumper. simple ass mobb music, could use a bit more melody, but the lyrics/feeling are really fresh. bailey (san quinn's brother) takes the chappelle show skit to another level, rappin on that mean, temper tantrum shit that makes you feel good when you all pissy. fun stuff, enjoy.


Blogger CultStatus said...

doggie you hit the trifecta on this post as far as i'm concerned.

Where else can I learn the history of the Rick Rock/FAB beef? I never knew any of this.

2nd, who else is going to succedd in getting me to listen for Zion I for the 1ST TIME EVER. And I'm from oakland. That's probably ashame, I just been imagining Mystik Journeymen with more patchouli and white fans. Thanks.
What you know about DJ True Justice from Berkeley?

3rd? Quinny Moe's litte brother? That's almost as encourageing as E-40's son!

Does Droop E rap anymore? Or are we stuck with "It's all bad"?

Good lookerton as always, be easy.

Dame the Bayestrian.

9:36 AM  
Blogger CultStatus said...

and I lost 10 bucks last week betting on the A's against the angels.

9:37 AM  
Blogger jayo said...

on rick rock/f.a.b. - i dont know much about this either, the first i'd heard anything was on that song. i'm assuming f.a.b. lashed out at rick rock/federation due to their lack of street cred, but i wouldnt go so far as to call it 'beef'.

on zion-I - dude, im with you. i never listened to that cat either, but i heard this and was like damn. dont know nothin about dj true justice.

i dont think droop-e raps anymore, but im not 100% certain.

bet on oakland sweeping KC.

9:42 AM  
Blogger latinmexheat said...

Hey can u please re-up them songs, the keak da sneak songs and adams family beat song.

6:44 PM  
Blogger latinmexheat said...

Hey can u please re-up them songs, the keak da sneak songs and adams family beat song.

6:44 PM  

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