Sunday, July 17, 2005

Da Dummy In The Area

E-40 - Da Dummy

This song has been getting a lot of play on the radio recently. Def my current fav to get hyphie to. E-40's son, Droop E, did the production and its a knocker, thumping bass drums painted over with a spazzed out, nearly atonal synth arpeggio. The chorus is so silly its borderline wack, but it works in a hyphie-as-a-dance-genre kinda way. And it really is, sometimes the lyrics can be dope, but really, hyphie is pure fucking dance music. this is rap on E. Theres another single out featuring 40 water, go get it from Cocaine Blunts right cherre, its Trillville, lil jon production, and its pretty fuccin bland. 40, of course, has the best verse on the track; trillville come dull as fuck.

heres another track thats burnin up the bay right now. san quinn, easily one of the best rappers in the bay, comes clean. i'd really like to see him get more popular, but his voice is so gruff and strained, i just cant imagine him getting any more popular than he already is, unless he pulls the odb card and plays on his strained ass voice. i just dont see that happening tho, as hes a pure lyricist. this beat trys hard to play to his gruff voice, and achieves that for the most part, with really dirty, almost orchestral synth stabs.

San Quinn - The Bay is in the Area

i got a bunch more current singles and recent slumpers, so stay tuned...


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