Monday, October 31, 2005


First off: 55,000 hits and climbing. I started this blog in late July / early August and never imagined it would take off so quick. Cool. So, I am jobless and desperately broke. If you know of any job vacancy in San Jose where I could flex my computer prowess (including typing 100wpm with no errors) holla at me! I have experience hosting a radio show, and two years experience in a high-volume medical call center. Also, If you'd be interesting in putting up an ad banner on Get Stoopid, holla at me! Over 1200 bay area rap fans a day will see that shit, yadadamean? Let's make it happen, my email is JustinHoude (at) Gmail (dot) com.

Check out my homie's online yay area clothing store, Made in the Bay.

Check out a nice quality video clip of a Federation performance over at Lo Rez Pollution.

Doxx has a brand new interview with Sean T over at Strivin.

I was planning on putting up Balance (feat. EA-Ski) - It Is What It Is, but The Pacific Standard already got you covered.

Clyde Carson - How Beautiful
Okay, i lied. I said I wasn't going to post up Clyde's love song to weed. Well, here it is. Not the best quality, but it's certainly better than some of my previous radio rips. If you guessed that the track features a laid back groove you win nothing. I do, however, like that Clyde Carson's lyrical devotion to marijuana is more expositional than the typical "I Love Weed" track. In other Team news, the upcoming album, 'World Premiere', has been pushed back to July 2006. Yea, weak.

Balance (feat. Keak Da Sneak) - What Up (remix)
This is off a DJ Warrior mixtape, and its pretty dope. Balance once again shows off his versatility by spitting some hard ass raps that simply dwarfs Keak's flow. Short but sweet.

Killa Klump, Frank Sticks, and Rick Lew - Yadaboyz
This is an official leak from Rah Records. The track is on Dopegame 4, which drops sometime in February 2006. It's a pretty average Dope Game track, nothing really interesting going on lyrically or musically. Not a bad slump, but it feels a bit too Motif-y for my taste.

Mistah F.A.B. - Don't Know
From the Thizz Nation Vol. 3 compilation which dropped last week. Pretty funny, Fabby Davis imitates Keak's gutteral nonesense over a poppy beat. I've overheard some folks tripping out over Fab "dissing" Keak, but fuck that bullshit, it's called a JOKE.

Don't sleep, I got you covered for the coming week.

Friday, October 21, 2005

DJ Mark Marcelo - The Ignant Mix (Full Review)

DJ Mark Marcelo - The Ignant Mix
Got the whole mix in the mail the other day, and it's dope as fuck-- PURE ENERGY. DJ Mark Marcelo dropped a fucking bomb with this mix, providing us with the the most definitive document to date of the hyphy movement. Kicking it off is the '(Last Season) Hyphy Workout, an audio snapshot of previous years hit singles and slaps, when hyphy was begining to emerge as a distinct sound out of the New Bay marketing ploy. It's a great introduction, and really shows what this mix is all about-- exposing the listener to the new sounds of the Yay Area. This isn't your dad's mob music, this is high speed dance music replete with blappin sub-bass, soaring synths, sirens, whistles, and crazy ass bay area rap and slanguage.

You can check the tracklist below the review, but heres a quick summary: The brunt of the mix kicks off with Kinsmoke - Do the On One and from there into E-40 - Da Dummy, two of the most acclaimed hyphy tracks out right now. The mix ebbs and flows into blaps and slaps new and older, but all mixed with DJ Mark Marcelo's impeccable ear for keeping the mix live and hype. Theres a couple slow moments, but the mix is jam packed with so many tracks that even the laid back slumps quickly morph into the next high bpm blap. This shit is so danceable that even paraplegics get to giggin.

If you've been checking Get Stoopid for a while, you'll probably recognize, and have, a lot of these tracks. But you probably don't have all of them (shit, even I don't) and regardless-- you don't have them all mixed together in one Nonstop Dance Party 2005. For that, the mix is easily worth the price of 6 dollars. This shit slaps in the trunk, in a house party, or in your headphones/boombox while you goin dumb out the window of the yellow bus. The people that will truly benefit from this mix are those who are still unfamiliar with hyphy music. I've already heard numerous tales from people who have played the preview of the mix for their friends and converted occasional mainstream rap fans into sloppily giggin hyphy dance fiends.

This mix documents what is a source of pride for people all over the Bay Area: OUR music and OUR culture, and that is our gift to the world. So hit up DJ Mark Marcelo's website and buy this shit, and if you're still on the fence then download the first third of the mix, and then go over to homeboy's site to cop that shit, YOU BEEZY!

Check the fucking tracklisting on this monster:
01. DJ Mark Marcelo "(Last Season) Hyphy Workout" with The Federation "Hyphy" Remix / The Federation "Go Dumb" / Turf Talk "Slumper" / The Federation "Hoes in Here" / The Team "It's Gettin' Hot" / 02. Kinsmoke feat. E-40 "On One" / 03. E-40 "Da Dummy" / 04. Ya Boy "Step Ya Game Up" / 05. Turf Talk feat. E-40 "Turf Talk is Back" / 06. Mistah FAB feat. Turf Talk & E-40 "Super Sic Wid It" / 07. Balance "Right Here" / 08. Frank Sticks "Shake Your Face Up" / 09. Theory feat. Juvenile"Get Dirty" / 10. The Team "Show Me You're Nasty / " 11. Keak da Sneak "Super Hyphie" with "Super Hyphie" Thizz World Remix / 12. Frontline "Bang It" with / Mac Dre "Feelin' Myself" / 13. EA-Ski feat. Keak da Sneak & E-40 "Club Talk" / 14. B-Legit feat. Jadakiss, Styles P, & Clyde Carson "Block 4 Life" / 15. The Mossie "Get Ignant" / 16. B-Legit feat. E-40 "Guess Who's Back" / 17. Western Conference "P World" / 18. Nump "Got Grapes" feat. The Federation / 19. Zion I feat. Clyde Carson, San Quinn, Turf Talk, Casual "The Bay" Remix / 20. EA-Ski feat. Too $hort "Check the Resume" / 21. The Team "Bottles Up" / 22. Blu Chip "Retarded" / 23. Laroo feat. Rick Rock "Super Stars" / 24. Furious feat. E-40 "Take You Down" / 25. The Team feat. Too $hort, Keak da Sneak, Richie Rich, Hammer "It's Gettin' Hot" Remix / 26. Tha Hoodstarz feat. Turf Talk & E-40 "Bullshit" / 27. Keak da Sneak, PSD, Mistah FAB "Show Me The Deer Foot" / 28. The Federation "I Only Wear My White Tees Once" / 29. Keak da Sneak "Super Hyphie" Remix / 30. Tha Hoodstarz "Get My Grown Man On" / 31. Zion I "The Bay" / 32. Nump "Stunna Shadez" / 33. Champ Baily "F*** Yo' Couch" / 34. Ya Boy feat. San Quinn "Checkmate" / 35. Tech 9ine feat. E-40 "Jelly Sickle" / 36. Gorilla Pits feat. Keak da Sneak "Scrapin'" / 37. Mac Dre "Get Stupid" / 38. Mac Dre "Thizzle Dance" [Tracks in bold are on the mp3]

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

News + Buncha NEW Shit

First off, if you haven't seen it yet (scroll down), I recently found out that DJ Shadow produced Keak Da Sneak and Turf Talk - 3 Freaks. At first it was mere rumor, but Chuy Gomez from 106 KMEL has gone on the record during today's morning show and announced that DJ Shadow did, in fact, produce 3 Freaks. I will keep the track online indefinitely, so just scroll down to get it.

Now, the bad news. The Team's highly anticipated album, "World Premiere", has been pushed back once again, this time to early Spring 2006, which is around the same time Clyde Carson's solo album will drop. Reason for the delay? Kaz Kayza, member of The Team, has a warrant out for his arrest and will be turning himself in shortly (if he hasn't already). No idea what he got hammed up for, but The Team is already spreading the word to FREE KAZ. It's not all bad, however, The Team are planning on releasing a "street album" sometime this Winter to keep fans sedated. Now, on to the new tracks:

J. Valentine feat. Bailey - Go Dumb AKA I'm Sprung (Bay Area remix)
If you listen to any clear channel radio station that plays rap or R&B you have no doubt been privvy to the T-Pain song "I'm Sprung". Well, heres the Yay Area's take on it. I'm going to tell you straight up: This Song Sucks. Having said that, it's a really fucking funny song and it serves to prove that irony is very fucking relative. This track is something that thugs would bump and sing-a-long with ironically, whereas hipsters would take it seriously and not want to be caught dead listening to it. Oh, and don't even bother listening to this if you're only interested in Bailey's flow, homeboy is on this song for all of 15 seconds.

J. Nash feat. Mistah F.A.B. & Clyde Carson - Beat That
J. Nash is a new R&B singer recently signed to Thizz Entertainment. This track is produced by Droop-E, and its nothing special really. Seriously, Droop-E needs to move on from that whistle, shit is sounding played out. Clyde Carson's flow steals the show, if you can call it that, its a pretty mediocre track all around.

Young Dru feat. Keak Da Sneak & Messy Marv - Yadida Whaa Whaa
Slumpin beat right here. Tight, sleazy synths over pounding bass drum/brass. Not really feelin the generic workstation strings though. Keak makes the song, utilizing his trademark voice to spit ferocious nonesense on the chorus. Young Dru spits hard but average, while Messy Marv comes tight.

Baby Face Assassins feat. Mistah F.A.B. & San Quinn - Dread Headz
Really hyphy slapper right here, three note synth stab progression, background bleeps, scraper skirtin sound effects. Mistah F.A.B. comes tight, but Quinn let me down on this one, it sounds like he wasn't even feeling the song-- "No dreads in my head its a low-cut ceasar". Regardless, its a knocker and is a nice little tune for a sunday drive, if that should involve ghostriding your skraper whilst your peers go dumb out the window.

Keep it bookmarked, bitches, cause you know I'm sittin on heat.

Friday, October 14, 2005

NEW Team & Clyde Carson

The Team - Patron
You know how them playas set it off with their laid back flow. This time over a slow 808 bass beat tucked under chirpy, cling-clangy percussion and pitched-up synthy pads. I like to call this one a straight CLANGER. Also, I like to call you a beezy.

Clyde Carson - Twenty Fo's

Clyde, arguably the most lyrically gifted member of the Team, on the solo tip. Synth brass stabs and gritty, nearly detuned organs set the pace here. Sounds pretty dirty souf, but the organ strains out the pure trill to create something a bit more grimey.

Clyde Carson - Soul Glo
So chill it's comatose. Laid back flow, vocoded singing, drip-drop snapclaps, easy listening synths. Did you know that Clyde is off the same stoner tip as the Dude? You do now. And yes, he has the love song devoted to weed to prove it, but i'm not going to bless you with it-- blame this guy.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

BRAND NEW Super Hyphy Video

You saw it here first...

Keak Da Sneak - Super Hyphy

Keak loves the kids! Much better than the first attempt at a video.

First non-mp3 post here at Get Stoopid. Don't worry, it's not a trend.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

DJ Shadow + Keak + Turf Talk = 3 Freaks

You read that right, DJ Shadow produced this track! I upped the shitty radio rip in the previous post, this link is CD quality. The track will appear on DJ Shadow's upcoming album. Triplet synth stabs never sounded so good.

Keak Da Sneak feat. Turf Talk - 3 Freaks

Also, I find it a bit disconcerting that, when one searches for Get Stoopid, my site, Get Stoopid, no longer appears in the stoopid ass results. You'd think that searching for Get Stoopid would lead you to my site, which is named Get Stoopid, but nay! I really hope that in the future, people searching for get stoopid manage to find my slightly stoopid ass site.

Sorry for that, I really am.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

NEW Keak + Turf Talk / Mistah FAB freestyle + EXCLUSIVE re-ups

Keak Da Sneak (feat. Turf Talk) - 3 Freaks (Updated, see new post!)
I'm assuming this will be on Keak's upcoming album, Kunta Kinte. The song is just crazy, synths on slow attack, bubbling out of the bass like a tar pit until they burst loose and escape on motorbikes. The chorus serves as a firm, robotic reminder of who we are listening to, then Turf chimes in with a plead for freaks. The drums sound like insects making noise, until they land on the windshield of the beat with a poppy handclap. I can't say enough about this song, I love it.

Mistah F.A.B. - Freestyle (Wake Up Show 9/16/2005)
Here's a freestyle recorded off the Wake Up Show, an infamous radio show that often features freestyle sessions. Mistah FAB claims to be the freestyle king, whether thats based on a quantitative or qualitative analysis, well... lets just say this track is 7 minutes long. However, there are portions where he definitely shines bright, and it is pretty fucking amazing that he can keep rapping off the top of his head for that long. Speaking of FAB...

Heres the re-up on those exclusive Mistah F.A.B. tracks from his upcoming album, Yellow Bus Ryder:

Mistah F.A.B. - Metros and Chirpers

Mistah F.A.B. - The Furley Ghost

Don't sleep, get those tracks while they're hot! The album comes out in November so support him if you're feeling the songs.

Shout-outs/props/greetz to a couple new bay blogs that recently sprouted up. Nation of Thizzlam is a dope mp3 blog that regularly features Bay shit, and also offers a good look at nationwide, hipster-friendly rap. The Bay Is In The Area is a brand new blog that only has one post so far, but its a good'un with mp3s links to a couple of the earliest rap songs to come out of the bay. Also, her collection of links is just fucking immaculate, so definitely go there if you want more info on this Bay shit.

You know the deal, I'm sleeping on more mp3s so check back often.