Monday, October 31, 2005


First off: 55,000 hits and climbing. I started this blog in late July / early August and never imagined it would take off so quick. Cool. So, I am jobless and desperately broke. If you know of any job vacancy in San Jose where I could flex my computer prowess (including typing 100wpm with no errors) holla at me! I have experience hosting a radio show, and two years experience in a high-volume medical call center. Also, If you'd be interesting in putting up an ad banner on Get Stoopid, holla at me! Over 1200 bay area rap fans a day will see that shit, yadadamean? Let's make it happen, my email is JustinHoude (at) Gmail (dot) com.

Check out my homie's online yay area clothing store, Made in the Bay.

Check out a nice quality video clip of a Federation performance over at Lo Rez Pollution.

Doxx has a brand new interview with Sean T over at Strivin.

I was planning on putting up Balance (feat. EA-Ski) - It Is What It Is, but The Pacific Standard already got you covered.

Clyde Carson - How Beautiful
Okay, i lied. I said I wasn't going to post up Clyde's love song to weed. Well, here it is. Not the best quality, but it's certainly better than some of my previous radio rips. If you guessed that the track features a laid back groove you win nothing. I do, however, like that Clyde Carson's lyrical devotion to marijuana is more expositional than the typical "I Love Weed" track. In other Team news, the upcoming album, 'World Premiere', has been pushed back to July 2006. Yea, weak.

Balance (feat. Keak Da Sneak) - What Up (remix)
This is off a DJ Warrior mixtape, and its pretty dope. Balance once again shows off his versatility by spitting some hard ass raps that simply dwarfs Keak's flow. Short but sweet.

Killa Klump, Frank Sticks, and Rick Lew - Yadaboyz
This is an official leak from Rah Records. The track is on Dopegame 4, which drops sometime in February 2006. It's a pretty average Dope Game track, nothing really interesting going on lyrically or musically. Not a bad slump, but it feels a bit too Motif-y for my taste.

Mistah F.A.B. - Don't Know
From the Thizz Nation Vol. 3 compilation which dropped last week. Pretty funny, Fabby Davis imitates Keak's gutteral nonesense over a poppy beat. I've overheard some folks tripping out over Fab "dissing" Keak, but fuck that bullshit, it's called a JOKE.

Don't sleep, I got you covered for the coming week.


Blogger willy said...

^^^"thanks for having this blog!"

Ha! What a nice spambot!

I can't really say how excited I am for Mistah FAB's next offering. Judging from all the shit you've posted by him, it should be hot. I heard he remixed "I Think Dey Like Me" by Dem Franchize Boyz to something along the lines of "Ha-ha-ha-ha-hyphy". I'd love to hear it. If only there were some blogger out there who posted hella unreleased bay shit...

1:03 AM  
Blogger YoFuckinMomma said...

nice new banner, whut it dew? hit me with the code and I'll link you up, I gots room at eh bottom of low rez.

9:46 AM  
Blogger jayo said...

yea pilly i've been on the prowl for that.

5:06 PM  
Blogger noz said...

jayo what's your email? hit me up noz@cocaineblunts

5:34 PM  
Blogger j.Soong said...

damn, likin' Balance more and more now (dude i've been looking everywhere for the dirty version of "it is what it is" but i'm guessing there's not one out yet online?), and that goes for Mistah F.A.B. as well, even though i'm not really feelin' the "don't know" song. and clyde carson's "how beautiful" ...HAHAH funny how it's so lyrically similar to Common's "Love Is," not just beat-wise. and damn, the team album pushed all the way to july2006??! AHHh, clyde should at least release his solo album now so it won't interfere with the "World Premiere" album sales..

1:36 AM  
Blogger Doxx said...

Good lookin' on the mention of my Sean T interview over at STRIVIN' ( I'm real happy with how it came out. Sean's a real dude.

Also, good speaking to you for a minute the other day folks and congrats on that 55,000 hits. That's big. I'm not close to that yet, but it makes me happy to see some Bay shit making the rounds like that. Keep it up.


11:35 AM  
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