Wednesday, September 21, 2005

NEW Federation NEW Hoodstars

Federation - We Ain't Wid That
I originally thought this was a Droop-E beat, but now this song is featured on Rick Rock's myspace page... No matter, its an interesting song, the vocals are mastered way higher than the beat, which is actually a good effect here. The beat is simple, a little bit bubbly but anchored with a three note synth progression and some crunchy drums lifted straight outta the Neptunes- 'Grindin' beat. This track is off the Yay Area's Most Wanted: Strikes Back mix cd that just came out. It took me a while to get into this, but now I'm feelin it.

Federation - Favorite Drug
This was ripped off KMEL back in 2003. It never appeared on the Fed's album or any mixtapes that I am aware of. Unfortunately its a clean version (does a dirty version exist?), but its a classic Rick Rock slapper that just shows off Rick's production skills. "Ricky got it sounding like a village in Kenya." No hi-hats, no snares-- just high pitched 'ethnic' drums and menacing synth brass.

Hoodstars (feat. Keak Da Sneak & San Quinn) - What It Do My Nig
This also sounds like a Droop-E beat, but again I have no confirmation. Its unreleased, though I'm assuming its going to be on the upcoming Hoodstars album which drops sometime in October. Its the clean version, but Keak and Quinn shine, taking on the first two verses (Keak does the hook as well). Playful sound effects and drums keep the beat simple but fun.

Hoodstars (feat. Keak Da Sneak) - Can't Leave Rap Alone
Sean T flips a slumpin beat and Keak just glides over it. Hoodstars do their best to overcome mediocrity, and manage to achieve that half the time. Sean T is the star here-- the drums keep the beat sounding like a traditional slap, but the plucked electric guitar intertwined with glittery synth chirps suggest a slightly more futuristic direction.


Blogger olivermonday said...

so much heat right now. possibly cause for revival

5:31 PM  
Blogger jayo said...

you should, i can't imagine letting that clever sub-title go to waste. let me know if it happens, and i'll put the link back up.

6:27 PM  
Blogger olivermonday said...

i don't even know what the dill is with the new messy marv, but i've got some boughetto ass version.

11:49 PM  
Blogger mornview said...

Yo, that new Federation track is pretty weird ... I can't possibly see this as a single, but I do see some potential for this joint to grow on me. Props for them trying something new; I was worried this album was gonna be a little [i]too[/i] commercial (since the bay [i]is[/i] finta' blow, and they [i]are[/i] on a major label). And as much as I love the song (shit makes me want to get hydraulics on my ride), "Say Yeah" is pretty damn commercial.

On the old Federation track you posted, though - I'm such a sucker for tribal procussion. Like that drum/congo break on "On One" - completely nuts. That's kinda what I've been working on in my beats these days.

As for Hoodstars, yeah, they're somewhere a little bit above mediocore lyrically on most songs, but I have to say, I'm REALLY starting to feel that "Grown Man On" song that you posted a while back. You never can have enough flossin' songs ("So Fresh, So Clean", "Big Pimpin'", etc.).


4:29 PM  
Blogger H-O-P said...

yo how can i get some of the tracks from previos posts? I'm in ATL for school right now and I feel so behind on the times when it comes to them slumpers!

12:00 AM  

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