Friday, September 16, 2005

Dopegame 3 / Traxamillion / San José

Dopegame 3 came out on tuesday, the third album from the bay supergroup which this time around focuses primarily on Frank Sticks and Killa Klump, both of whom can hold their own with their style. Keak, Lee Majors, and Verstyle only make one appearance each, while BA is on two songs. But no doubt this is pure Dopegame, the trend of thick juicy synths over firecracker beats continues. My two cents:

Frank Sticks - Shake Ya Face Up
If you haven't heard this one already, listen NOW. Traxamillion outta San Jose produced this, the single, and its fucking SLAAPPPIN. I already upped it a while ago, so this re-up is for those who missed it.

Keak Da Sneak, Frank Sticks, and Killa Klump - Nigga RAH
More Dopegame heat right here. This is the only track that Keak is on and he fucking runs it. Kill Klump is a new name, and I don't really know that much about him, but his voice is tough and he comes gangsta all over the whole album.

The Hoodstars - Grown Man On

This isn't Dopegame, but it is a new heater from Traxamillion. Its nice to see him continue to lay down dope beats after producing Keak's mega-hit Super Hyphie. Getting your grown man on basically means dressing up nice, the antithesis of white tees. Hoodstars, as usual, rap fair to middlin, nothin spectacular. The beat is real club, sounding like something Ciara should be on. Certified slump.

Having lived in San Jose for the past 5 years, its good to see the bay rap scene is fucking with cats down here cause Traxamillion's got heat and he'll continue to produce heat. On that San Jo tip, also check out my girl Marian Liu's blog (and podcast) over at the San Jose Mercury News website. She's the pop music writer there and has penned some informative articles on the local music scene (check out her recent interview with E-40).


Blogger mark said...

good post once again. always a few steps within the game. give me a holler at and i'll mail you a mixtape/cd i've been working on. it includes a lot of the same stuff you're on and then some.


4:24 PM  
Blogger Ya Did I said...

YO! Jayo, can you PLEASE upload "club talk" and "block 4 life" again or email it to me at PLEASE! I've been lookin everywhere for those 2 tracks.

12:04 AM  
Blogger SergDun said...

man I picked this up last week also, I'd been meaning to throw it up on the shrimp but fuck it now.

I think I like Frank Sticks more after checking this joint. On that We Rich We Rah mixtape he had some suspect shit.

7:29 PM  

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