Wednesday, August 10, 2005

thats whatsup

bout to bart it up to the coliseum, but before i leave, imma flip you these tracks:

Federation - Say Yeah

official leak courtesy of rick rock, catchy danceable little ditty with some nice studder synths over what sounds more like a traditional slap drum set than the ethnic drum hits he usually throws in. thanks to wayne&wax for that deconstruction of reggaeton because now i'm more aware of timbral changes in songs. case in point- if you listen closely you can hear different snares/claps used during the progression of this track.

Frank Sticks - Shake Your Face Up

this ones on the flipside of the super hyphie 12". dopegame member frank sticks raps fairly hard over a fairly hard track (to be honest, i can't wait til these mini new york handclaps go out of style). the synths are hard as fuck, but this track tries a little too hard to be hyphy, with that techno whistle again making an appearance (in a circular rhythm, which by the end of the track gets annoying as fuck). anyway, this track is getting played on some radio stations so i figured i'd flip it, even tho i feel its a bit too average.

oh shit i almost forgot...

E-A Ski feat. Too Short - The Resume

This is off of E-A-Ski's upcoming album Apply Pressure, finally a ski album! don't really have time to comment, its the usual slick ski production, not hyphy, just had to get it out cause im the king friday of this shit.


Blogger CultStatus said...

i got the superhyphie video.

i should post it tomorrow, if not get at me and you can post it.

2:15 PM  
Blogger jayo said...

i saw it, go ahead and post it, i thought it was rubbish

5:54 PM  
Blogger Provisio said...

Great blog here mang,

Do you know where I can get a copy of that "say yeah" by the federation... that's the one with rick rock rapping a lil on it right?

9:41 AM  

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