Friday, September 30, 2005

NEW Team / NEW Too Short / Lay Low

The Team - Good Girl
Off the upcoming album, World Premiere, this isn't hyphy, but its a perfect example of The Team's ability to create hit songs. Its a very feminine song, ambient female r&b vocals join at the seams with twinkling piano over a slow 808 bass beat. Kinda cheezy, but cute.

Too Short - She Know What it Is
Unreleased, from his upcoming album. Nothing exceptional here, typical Short Dog vocals. Some other rappers on here that I can't ID. The beat has an old school feel to it, very clean kicks and handclaps, cowbells everywhere. It does have some hyphy sounding synths, but the beat is too slow to be hyphy. Putting this up for posterity more than anything, really.

Lay Low (feat. Federation) - What the Fuck?
This is the fucking slump of the week right here. Law Low is some up'n'coming 16 year old emcee from Vallejo, this song is from his album Deep Waters, which is out but nearly impossible to find. Regardless, this is a fucking BLAP. Federation spit hella hard, stealing the limelight. The beat is insane, a staircase of synths create pure energy.

Sorry for the downtime in posts, I got a bunch more shit to throw up on here so keep checkin back!


Blogger mornview said...

Yeah, I'll say I felt a little uncomfortable listening to that Team joint at first, but after a couple plays I guess I'm cool with it. I guess I just think, with all the mainstream shit out there, I'd rather be forced to hear this on the radio than Ja Rule or something. Or maybe I'm just too excited for the new Team album ... dammit, that can't come soon enough.

That Lay Low joint was pretty fierce ... almost sounded like M.O.P. gone hyphie or something. Federation definetely wins that one. And haha, awesome description on the "staircase of synths" - couldn't have said it better.

Still need to d/l the $hort joint, but I'm a sucker for cowbells in rap, man ...

Anyways, thanks for the update, and I got a sorta unrelated question - I was out buying some cd's last week, and I seen Keak's new album ("That's My Word") is out!? I knew it was coming out soon, but I didn't know it dropped yet (I guess not living near the bay means I'm kinda out of the loop on this stuff).

Anyways, anyone here pick it up yet? Is it any good? It seems Keak is going pretty mainstream lately, but I still have been enjoying it; I'll probably pick it up next week. Also interesting; I seen it has that huge annoying "FBI Anti-Piracy Warning" thing slapped all over it, which is usually only on major-label joints ...

11:03 AM  
Blogger jayo said...

'thats my word' isnt really keaks "new album". its mostly a bunch of stuff from the dopegame recording sessions that was leftover. thats why theres a few tracks on there that were already released. its not that bad, the dopegame stuff is pretty cool IMO, with good production. however, i personally wouldnt pay full cd price for it, but also im truly broke. keak's 'real' upcoming album is called kunta kinte and should be coming out before the end of the year.

1:47 AM  
Blogger morenita mami said...

i tried to get the files but said it was removed...all three of them.

5:37 PM  
Blogger mornview said...

Cool, thanks for the heads up on "That's My Word". I might still pick it up.

And haha, I feel ya on being broke, man, but somehow it hasn't stopped me from buying an ungodly amount of records this year. Man, my record buying habit is getting out of control, as it often comes at the expense of more important stuff, like food, or gas ...

4:01 PM  
Blogger jayo said...

yea, actually looks like kunta kinte got pushed back to first quarter 2006, so, mixtapes aside, 'thats my word' is gonna be the newest keak stuff out for a minute.

5:22 PM  

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