Thursday, August 18, 2005

Thizz or DIE

thizz is ecstasy

Keak Da Sneak (feat. Baby Face Assassins) - Everybody Know My Name
brand new, getting played occasionally on kmel. the beat is tuffff, blappin synths, dubby handclap, more synths- whats not to love (well, okay baby face assassins verses). keak comes clean tho, per the usual.

Super Hyphy Thizz Remix (feat. Johnny Ca$h, Mistah F.A.B., G-Stack, PSD, Dubee, Rydah J. Klyde, and Bavgate)
this ones been getting played for a while now, its keak's super hyphie as taken over by thizz entertainment. mistah f.a.b. has the dumbest intro to a verse ever, i mean super dooper 1st grade snotnose dunce cap dumb, thats my word. keak's got a new verse on this as well. the tracks not that special, but its pretty much required listening if you live in the bay.

Ya Boy - Turf to the Club
i do believe this is the first single off ya boy's upcoming album "rookie of the year", dropping sometime in late august. ya boy is currently the only other artist other than quinn himself on quinn's label Deal Done (formerly Done Deal). catchy ass beat and hook, ya boy's got a cool voice.

central coastin it the next couple days, love being a city boy in the salad bowl, get hella stares, back.


Blogger mark said...

what's that song they played last Sunday that goes "Got Purp!"???

10:13 PM  
Blogger i love my kinky school girl said...

Thizz or die u beezie

9:50 AM  

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