Friday, October 14, 2005

NEW Team & Clyde Carson

The Team - Patron
You know how them playas set it off with their laid back flow. This time over a slow 808 bass beat tucked under chirpy, cling-clangy percussion and pitched-up synthy pads. I like to call this one a straight CLANGER. Also, I like to call you a beezy.

Clyde Carson - Twenty Fo's

Clyde, arguably the most lyrically gifted member of the Team, on the solo tip. Synth brass stabs and gritty, nearly detuned organs set the pace here. Sounds pretty dirty souf, but the organ strains out the pure trill to create something a bit more grimey.

Clyde Carson - Soul Glo
So chill it's comatose. Laid back flow, vocoded singing, drip-drop snapclaps, easy listening synths. Did you know that Clyde is off the same stoner tip as the Dude? You do now. And yes, he has the love song devoted to weed to prove it, but i'm not going to bless you with it-- blame this guy.


Blogger mornview said...

TIGHT post, my man. Lovin' it.

Any word on the release date for "World Premiere" yet? I know most people were slating it for October; I seriously can't wait much longer for this shit.

"Patron" didn't immediatly grab me the way most of the other recent Team tracks have, but it's growing on me REAL quick ... as a producer, I'm so envious of Sho' Nuff's (I'm assuming this beat was another Sho' Nuff beat) ability to make such effective beats out of such sparse as hell beats ...

So, does this mean we can expect a solo Clyde Carson album? I hope this doesn't mean Team is breaking up ... I will agree that Carson is the man when it comes to Team, but I just don't care to hear him on Southern beats, I guess.

That said, though, the beat on "Twenty Fo's" = FIRE. I mean, it's pretty standard stuff for the south, with organ chords, chopped-like background vocals, etc.; but it's all put together so impeccably ... and that strain/static/whatever that noise on the chorus is just puts this shit over the top. Awesome.

4:24 PM  
Blogger jayo said...

last i heard, world premiere is dropping in december. but honestly, i cant imagine that happening, i think first quarter 06 is more likely... but who knows?

and 'patron' was produced by matrax, which is a couple of cats from the ESO holdin it down on some street shit. this is the first time they fucked with anyone outside their little label/camp. haven't heard anything else they've produced, but i'll keep my ear out for anything interesting.

11:56 PM  
Blogger j.Soong said...

ahhh yes.. more new TEAM ishh. I'm hella anticipating the album release too!

I'm feeling these songs along with "Good Girl," it took me a few times to get used to, probably cause of the beat, but I'm lovin' it now. "Patron" and 'Twenty Fos'" are pretty good too but... "Soul Glo" wtf?? hella random.

so Carson's actually doing his own thing now huh. I guess he hinted it with 'Block 4 Life,' Ya Boy's "Fly As This" and Zion I's "The Bay (Remix)." then again, he did also tell us to look out for his solo project called "The Jackie Robinson Album" on the insert from the "Negro League" album. hah, oh and I read on that the label was initially just going to sign Carson, but they reconsidered and just signed kaz kyzah and mayn mannish as well. damn, luckily they did.

I also agree, ShonuFF's productions are usually good and a club-banger. but what's up with Jazze Pha.. I heard on BET on Cee-Lo's "Happy Hour" video premiere that he's starting his own label called "Sho' Nuff" too. that's probably gonna confuse people when The Team gets big..

anyways, thanks a lot for the new tracks. keep up the good worrk haha

12:11 AM  
Blogger UnKn0wN said...

coming out in Oct 25...

Carson has his own album coming out thats why the team album been delay many times...

8:08 PM  
Blogger j.Soong said...

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5:18 PM  
Blogger mornview said...

Man, we can hope for an October release, but I'm not banking on it. Still, however long they need to make it perfect, I'll wait for it.

Thanks for the info on ESO, Jayo; never heard of them. I guess I just assumed it was a Sho' Nuff beat since it had a pretty similar production asthetic (even down to the drum sound), but it's cool to see they're working with other dudes.

And yep, Jsoong, Jazze Pha has had his Sho' Nuff record label up for a while now, I believe Ciara was the first artist off of his label. That kinda threw me for a spin, too, and if Team do blow up (honestly, of all the Bay artists, I think these guys have the most potential to blow up on the mainstream radar), it could be a bit confusing.

Okay, now, another unrelated album purchasing question - I seen two records at Best Buy the other day and I want to know if they're worth picking up.

First off is B-Legit's last record ... now trust me, I've rocked the hell out of "Block 4 Life", but for whatever reason I thought it was off of some mixtape; I didn't know he had a new full-length out. Worth copping?

Also, unfortunately I can't seem to find any results what exactly the title on this one is, but I seen some Sic Wid It Records compilation from 2005 (it's not the best-of Sic Wid It comp). I almost bought it on the spot (there were Turf Talk tracks all over the thing, plus some Federation stuff), but I'm too broke not to be informed on what I'm buying. If anyone knows what record I'm talking about, let me know if it's any good!

Thanks as always.

8:40 PM  

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